When is my order made after I place my Pre Order?

Pre Orders are made to order and will go into production after the pre sale ends. You will receive a notification and updates on where your shoe is in the process. Jo-Anne Vernay is slow fashion, taking time to perfect your pair!

When will my order ship after I place my Pre Order?

Your order is expected to ship in June 2020, 3 months from when you placed your pre-order. All pre-orders are made to order and secures your shoe before they go on sale. 

How many items are available in each Drop?

We currently release 50-100 pairs each drop, giving our customers access to our shoes while creating a sense of satisfaction knowing that you have one of a few designs worldwide!

How does COVID-19 affect my order?

We are aware of the current pandemic and our workers in Italy and New York are remaining safe. As of right now, there are no production or shipping delays due to COVID-19 however we will update you on your order each step of the way.

Do you sell outside the U.S?

We are releasing all pre orders in the United States only! If you're interested in placing an international order please contact info@joannevernay.com and we are happy to assist you.