luxury vegan footwear made from fruit

  • summer in sustainable style

  • three delicious colorways

  • cognac, mulberry, and paprika

summer in sustainable style

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three delicious colorways

cognac, mulberry, and paprika pick your flavor

At Jo-Anne Vernay we believe that it’s possible to merge sustainability with style through our luxury vegan footwear made from fruit. Our pineapple leaf fibre shoes are designed to cater to you and the planet, made from fabric free of harmful materials like polyurethane. Our founder Dyandra Raye is driven by her family roots, using our name to pay homage to her inspirational mother Jo-Anne and supportive late aunt Vernay. Ethically manufactured, uniquely designed, and crafted by Italian artisans, our "slow fashion, female & black owned, sustainable shoe line" is designed to help you live life in style, consciously.


Lightweight, durable, and PETA approved; this innovative fabric is changing the way we think about leather.

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Reviews from the clique

Beautiful: the craftsmanship, the detail, the color, & the sole. they are so stunning. obviously, they are off the chain!

Melody Cowan

These will be my signature heels because I just can't get over the fact that we can now own gorgeous luxury heels without going after animal skin and fur.

Belinda Smetana

My first pair arrived and they are beautiful and very well made. I can't wait to have somewhere to wear them.

Jacque Reid

The truth is that I LOVED them when I first saw @dyandraraye wearing the sample. Without even trying, I found myself completely tuned into the process of creating @joannevernay so when the opportunity to pre-order came a few months ago, I JUMPED!

Karyn Rose

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