Merging Sustainability with Style

Jo-Anne Vernay is on a mission to make “the choice” an easy decision with our high fashion designs made of pineapple leaf fiber and other sustainable materials like organic cotton!

We value quality, unique designs and of course sustainability when producing and selling our shoe designs. Each pair of shoes are ethically sourced and manufactured, from the materials to the packaging. As quality is a major part of our mission, our shoes are made in Italy and embody high fashion craftsmanship at an affordable luxury price.




Harvested in The Philippines and manufactured in Spain, Piñatex is versatile, lightweight and durable. An alternative to leather, this pineapple leaf fibre is dyed using GOTS standards and stellar agricultural practices. This PETA approved vegan material is the main component of our shoes!

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Building The Brand

Jo-Anne Vernay is a product of Dyandra Raye LLC, founded by Sustainable Stylist & Creative Director, Dyandra Raye. Dyandra began sketching shoes when she was little and knew that she would one day bring her designs to life. After becoming vegan both food and fashion wise, she merged her lifestyle with her designs to bring you what Jo-Anne Vernay is today! 

Our Story

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