luxury vegan footwear made from fruit | complimentary holiday shipping


Jo-Anne Vernay is a line of luxury vegan shoes made of pineapple leaf fibre that merges sustainability with style. Founded by sustainable stylist and creative director Dyandra Raye, this line was born after years of sketching shoes mixed with a newfound vegan lifestyle.

Named after her mother and fashion inspiration Jo-Anne and late Aunt Vernay, who supported her childhood shoe designs, Jo-Anne Vernay holds a dear place in the founders' heart.

After noticing a void in the market when shopping for herself and other conscious clients for luxury vegan shoes, Jo-Anne Vernay was born. This shoe, made of pineapple leaf fiber and other mainly biodegradable materials like organic cotton and ultra suede, is made to bring sustainability to the fashion industry's forefront. Using her eye for detail and quality plus her bold style and aura, Jo-Anne Vernay will fill the void of fashionable vegan footwear worldwide. 

With unity always in mind, also a symbol seen in designs through a circular ball detail, we work with the best of the best to bring you the stylish vegan shoes you are proud to wear. Designed by hand and Made in Italy, Jo-Anne Vernay is slow fashion, valuing quality over quantity. Each style is offered in limited quantities, making room for more original designs. Since inception we've received so much support and we thank 
you for joining the #jvclique.